What concerns are we solving?

Dedicated Team for Sales Representatives of Biotechnology Lab Instruments.


Lead Generation, Data Appending, Email Campaign Management, New Client Prospecting

Sales Technology Stack

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, EmailListVerify, Outreach.io, Salesforce, and many more


Our client’s Sales Manager had limited number of Sales Representatives. These Sales Reps. were not able to spend full-time nurturing potential clients and their efforts were not focused on their desired geographical segmentation. Moreover, they still had to do technical inside sales tasks while reaching out to people who are interested.

Their goals:

  1. 1. Save Sales Representatives more time to spend with potential clients
  2. 2. Improve the quality of leads generated
  3. 3. Improve email campaign performance


To achieve client’s goals, we provide a Project Manager and dedicated Lead Generation Specialists (LGSs) for each Sales Representative. This team work 8 hours/day doing technical inside sales jobs on their behalf using our iteration approach with a focus on their targeted geographical segmentation.

How does a week with LeadGeeks look like?

The LGSs search for relevant people and complete the email lists in real time. The leads are qualified using methods and criterias which have been discussed in advance with the Sales Representatives. The Project Manager checks and further qualifies the leads everyday before LGSs run and manage the email campaign. Our Project Manager also reviews performances, collects feedbacks, identifies bottlenecks, and provides solutions. Results and adjustment to the existing plans and/or strategies are discussed every week at the online meeting with the Sales Manager and Sales Representatives.


To date, our Dedicated Team for this project has generated 16,062 leads, initiated 1,860 conversations, and created 160 opportunities. Some of those opportunities have converted into more than $385,000 worth of deals won.

The iteration approach allows the LGSs to help the Sales Representatives to focus their prospecting on territories with higher demands and then expand accordingly. By delegating lead generation and email campaign to our Dedicated Team, they no longer need to sort through irrelevant people and do the time-consuming inside sales tasks.


Leads Generated


Conversations Started


Opportunities Created


Worth of Deals Won